Amazing DIY Projects That You Can Accomplish With a Video Call

Interior Design
Amazing DIY Projects That You Can Accomplish With a Video Call

Nowadays, weekend DIY and home improvement projectsare more popular than ever. Being home more during the pandemic has made us more aware of those minor issues that we disregarded before and has motivated us to fix them one at a time. However, we often find ourselves stuck at a certain point because we don't have the right skills or information to do the job RIGHT. In fact, many DIY projects seem feasible and easy until we actually start working on them. That's when we discover that we may be in over our heads and need some professional help or consultancy.It’susually the point when we lose the motivation to complete the project and postpone the whole thing for another weekend.

Well, it doesn’t have to be that wayanymore! We understand that calling a plumber, electrician, or interior designer will probably cost more than the actual project when what we really need is just a few minutes of assistance to get over a hurdle and complete the project ourselves. Plus, it takes time to get that appointment and work it into our schedule. Having to take too many steps for what should be an easy fix just leads us to postpone again.

Thanks to the GUIDED app, you now have the ability to connect with licensed professionals and get the assistance you need, when you need it, with a simple video call. Isn't this amazing?

Today, we will walk you through some very common issues people face when working on their home improvement and DIY projects and how the GUIDED app can be a tremendous problem solver.

Interior design: 

Homeowners generally tend to change up their home décor and interior design every now and then. We like to change the scenery; it makes us feel better, shows off our style, and adds a bit of sparkle to our space. However, without a huge budget and a specialist, you can't really do much. How much more could you accomplish with a cost-effective on-call expert by your side?

Here are a few innovative home décor ideas you can do yourself with the help of the GUIDED app:

Refinish your wood floors and restore their shine:

Wood is a classy and elegant flooring material. It adds warmth and a special touch of charm to every home. However, if you don't polish it regularly, refinish it as needed, and maintain it properly, it will lose its shine. Because it is constantly exposed to dirt, dust, and traffic, over time your wood floor will not have the same charm it used to when it was first installed. So, you want to restore it to its former glory, but you don't really know what kind of finish you should use. Also, you don't know the exact type of wood installed and are wondering what kind of materials and colors will go with it. Moreover, do you have to re-paint your walls now to match the colors and give a stylish look to your interior? What seemed like a simple task has left you with too many questions and uncertainties.  That overwhelmed feeling can make you lose interest in the whole project, thinking someday you will call someone to do it for you. The GUIDED app is here to help you avoid procrastinating by connecting you with the specialist you need at fair rates.

Next time you are refinishing your wood floor and improving your home interior, download our app and get the expert help you need in a few minutes. You will find skilled and experienced interior designers that will give you priceless advice. In fact, you will get more than you ever expected. A brief discussion with a specialist will provide you with unique insights into doing the job right. You will get creative ideas, consultancy on what materials you should get, and where to get them for reasonable prices. Plus, you will learn how to do things properly, just how a licensed professional would do them. So, get on the GUIDED app now and talk to an expert with on-demand video calls. Walk them through your situation and let them guide you to a DIY job well done. Save money and time, and more importantly, start accomplishingyour home improvement goals today, not someday. The GUIDED app is here to help you reach your full potential.


Highlight your space: How?

Are you fed up with the overall look of your kitchen or living room? Do you want to do something that will highlight your expensive furniture or put a spotlight on your beautiful dining table? However, you are not quite sure what is missing. Could it be just a lighting problem?

In most cases, yes! Your lighting plays a key role in highlighting your space and brightening up the room. We tend not to give lighting much thought so we don’t usuallyhave the proper knowledge to trycreative lighting styles. We don’t always realize how much great lighting can change a room.

What if youcould just hop on a video call with an interior designer and show them the entirety of the space you want to work on?It would probably work wonders and make you feel much more confident in making creative lighting decisions. Thanks to the GUIDED app, that is now possible!

Beautiful light fixturescan either energize your space or create a soothing atmosphere.For example, you can create multiple layers of lights to lighten up the room with accent and ambient colors. Maybe a pendant or small chandelier is the one missing piece that will change the wholespace?Without expert help, you may never know.  Download our app now and find the best interior designers ready to guide you!



For all those who love nature, gardening, and outdoor spaces, we are here to help you explore innovative and creative opportunitiesto accomplish your landscaping projects easily on your own!

Great landscaping can make your outdoor space more inviting for relaxing alone or gathering with friends and loved ones.Whether you have a small garden, a tiny courtyard, an apartment balcony, or a vast space in your countryside estate, creating a thoughtful landscape design is the key!

With the GUIDED app, you will be able to find talented landscapers anytime and anywhere in the world. They will help you plan and execute your project to perfection, just likeskilled landscaper would do it. Because we understand how much you love to work on your outdoor space yourself, the GUIDED app will link you to a consultant to give invaluable advice and tips. You will learn amazing tricks and get real-timeadvice to help you with your project. Thanks to the GUIDED app, you can follow your passion, have fun, and learn much more than you expect!

Brick laying:

Has your home entrance lost its sparkle? Does itlook dull and dusty? Are the colors not as bright as they used to be? Well, it is time to make fixing your entrance this weekend’s DIY project! But how do you even start? Should you make an appointment with a bricklayer(brick mason)? How much will it cost to do the whole thing? Can they finish it on time before your party next week? You have a lot of questions, but there is only one answer: Download the GUIDED app!Do it yourself as planned, save money, and, more importantly, restore the glamour of your entrance in time for your party. Your beautiful new entrance will get the party started before your guests even make it through the door!

With the GUIDED app, you will find experienced bricklayers ready to help you with a simple video call. They will walk you through the steps, the type of bricks and paint you should get, the cement, the process, and much more!


Don't get stuck. Download the GUIDED app!

These were a just a few simple DIY projects to inspire you and show you how much you can accomplish with the help of experts. There are thousands of other DIY project ideas on the internet that seem feasible and easy until you actually start working on them and discover that you need professional advice or help. Well, now you don't have to postpone projects anymore or feel like you can't do them. Download the GUIDED app and join a growing community of experts that will help you solve your problems instantlyso that you can check that task you have been avoiding off your list. Our goal is to help you do it yourself! This iswhat makes GUIDEDyour life-changing app. It will help you reach your full potential, learn essential skills and tricks for DIY projects, and accomplish a lot more than you think you can. More often than you think, we all let go of things that could've been done quickly if we just knew how. It is time to end that. Download the GUIDED app!