Earn Money Working from the Comfort of Your Home

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Earn Money Working from the Comfort of Your Home

Today, working from home has become the new norm. Many organizations, employees, and consumers have embraced this change since the COVID-19 pandemic began. Moreover, this new work culture has opened the doors to precious opportunities for people to advance in their careers, find jobs that suit them, and cut costs for all parties involved. In this blog, we will highlight how the GUIDED app contributes to the development of this culture and the creative solutions offered for both professionals and consumers.

So, if you are a professional (Plumber, Electrician, Landscaper, Graphic Designer, Programmer, Tutor, etc.) seeking a good money-making gig and want to help others with consultancy in your field of specialty (IT, Home Design, Teaching, etc.), you won’t regret this read!

How the GUIDED app works: Join us and become a Guide!

Work when and where it is convenient for you!

Start getting paid for accepting video call requests and providing guidance and consultation related to your expertise.

Our goal is to connect professionals, consultants, and specialists from various industries with consumers anywhere in the world at any time. We are redefining human potential!

We want to promote easier, more creative solutions for people to exchange value and help each other efficiently.

We strive to offer our guides visibility and reach to a great consumer base that keeps growing and expanding at fast rates.

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and the logistics and safety challenges it presents, many people have found themselves stuck with home improvement issues, DIY projects, and plumbing problems.  They needed fast advice and professional help but don’t always want strangers in their home.

Moreover, parents are juggling teaching their kids at home with performing the jobs that allow them to keep providing for their families. This furthers the scheduling issues and time constraints required to make appointments with specialists and meet with them. Imagine restructuring an entire day for what ends up being a 10-minute job! Moreover, finding a trusted tutor for their kids has become even more challenging.

While it took some adjustment, employees love this workplace cultural change. As time has shown, it had significant positive impacts on performance, productivity, and budgets. It definitely cut costs, both in time and money, provided more freedom and flexibility, and boosted creativity. No one denies the challenges everyone faced initially, from technical issues to mental health problems. However, we learned, adapted, and developed a more comfortable experience for professionals and consumers. In fact, since the pandemic started, we have come a long way and are moving forward rapidly, and this is how the GUIDED app contributes to a brighter future!

GUIDED is here to offer professionals unlimited work opportunities from wherever they want to work! Join us and become a guide to earn good money by providing accurate, timely advice with just a video call. Yes, it is that simple!

If you feel like you have free time during your workdays, have the proper knowledge and skills in your specialty industry, have your license, and want to make extra money helping people through on-demand video calls, join us now!

To join us, click here and check out the 4 simple steps to become a guide. Start getting paid in no time!

What does it mean to become a GUIDE:

Our guides are professionals from various industries ready to make more money by providing excellent advice and consultancy over a video call.

You will have the freedom and flexibility to work according to your own schedule and goals. However, it is important to focus on providing a great experience for customersand provide the best advice based on accurate information at all times.

You will earn money for every call you make. You can earn $10 to $25 for every 15 minutes you spend helping someone in need. Very interesting, right? Check out these examples and see for yourself how the GUIDED app solves real-life problems and makes a difference every day. Don’t miss out!

Why the GUIDED?

As mentioned above, GUIDED aims to be a uniting platform that connects professionals with consumers through on-demand videos. A creative problem-solving solution that is beneficial for both parties.

It goes even further. Suppose you are a fresh graduate and have the skills, mindset, and knowledge in your field of specialty, but you don’t have a lot of on-the-job experience. In that case, this is a fantastic opportunity to land valuable projects, earn money quickly, and gain more work experience. Plus, it will cut many of the costs associated with starting and running a business, like setting up an office, networking, transportation, and more. If you are licensed in your field, this is a huge opportunity for you to join us and reach your full potential.

Even for those who already have experience, GUIDED presents an opportunity to earn money while making your own schedule and working from home.

As for consumers, the benefits are countless. You can skip all the burden of making an appointment with a specialist. Instead of interrupting your life, get help when it is most convenient for you! Moreover, you will save a ton of money by doing the work yourself while being GUIDED by an expert. From DIY projects, home improvements, and maintenance to tutoring and creative projects, get it done more efficiently with a simple video call with an expert. Browse our blog, and you will find remarkable real-life issues that the GUIDED helped solve. Don’t miss out!

Industries currently available on the GUIDED app:

Since its very recent creation, the GUIDED app has been gaining attention from many industries and individuals in need of or offering a variety of valuable services. The list below describes the most trending and available services in various industries, and we are continuously working on expanding our offerings. Join us now for incredible opportunities!

  • Plumbing

  • Wardrobe styling

  • Interior design

  • IT

  • Graphic Design

  • Lactation Counseling

  • Estheticians (skincare specialists)

  • Tutoring

  • Appliance repair

How long does it take to get approved to start accepting video calls?

Our goal is to provide approval within 2 business days. If it takes longer, we will notify you via email.

What if my industry is not offered on the guided app?

Please email us at [email protected].

What happens if my call gets disconnected? Do I still get paid?

Yes. If a call gets disconnected, you will still get paid for the amount of time you spent on the call.

How much does the app charge? 

The GUIDED app charges up to $25 per 15 minutes of on-demand video calls for those seeking licensed professionals and consultancy. The fares vary according to industry. 

We charge guides 10% of the earnings made through video calls.

We are wrapping up!

Want to get paid for taking video calls? Download the app and help us redefine human potential.

Our vision is to increase human potential and offer our users a huge world of life-changing opportunities. Whether you want to become a guide and earn money making video calls or need consultancy from licensed professionals in the industry you are seeking, the GUIDED app is your go-to! The GUIDEDapp is available on both App Store and Google Play. Download now!