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Drain Flies: The Genesis of The GUIDED App
What do drain flies have to do with the idea for the GUIDED app? Allow me to explain. I grew up in suburban southern California. City water and city sewer serviced the home that I grew up in. I was totally unaware that this is not the case for every house in the world, so when I moved to New England and bought a home that had a septic tank, I had no idea what was involved.
“That Rug Really Tied The Room Together.” -The Dude
A common misperception about Interior Designers is that they pick out colors and couches. While they can do those things, they do so much more.
Los Huracanes
What do hurricanes and the GUIDED app have to do with each other? Let me explain. I lived on the amazing and beautiful island of Puerto Rico for almost two years and there was a couple hurricanes (huracanes – oo-rah-kahn-es) and tropical storms (tormentas tropicales) while I was there.
Teachers, Parents, Students, and COVID
The COVID pandemic has put teachers in the limelight. The COVID pandemic has created significant challenges for teachers, parents, students, and learning. Video calls with teachers could be extremely helpful in helping students catch up or simply help with an issue that would have arisen before the pandemic like homework questions or test preparation.
Video Calls With Plumbers
When Video Calls With Plumbers Make “Cents”
There are many times when a homeowner or business should have a licensed plumber come out to make a repair, do an installation, or diagnose a problem. However, depending on an individual’s skill level, there are many times when a video call with a plumber can save time and money and still solve a problem.